Digital edition of ‘The Dead Straight Guide To Queen’

Dead Straight Guide To Queen cover

The digital edition of ‘The Dead Straight Guide To Queen’ is now available from:

I haven’t had a chance to check yet, but these digital editions should include minor corrections, added since the original print run, plus the updated section on the Hairfred guitar / Hallfredh guitar.

2 thoughts on “Digital edition of ‘The Dead Straight Guide To Queen’

  1. Dear Phil Chapman.

    Been looking for you since I heard a wonderful track by you – I hope! – called ‘Return of the Angels’ on an online radio station. It came up ‘By Phil Chapman’ as it was playing so I Googled and as you’re the only musician that’s come up, I’m assuming it’s you.

    Can I buy the full album off you, and any of your other ones? I’ve since heard lovely Phil Chapman music on YouTube and I know I can download it but I’d love to have the original CDs if possible.

    Yours hopefully


    1. Thanks for getting in touch. There are several musicians with the name Phil Chapman and I’m afraid I’m not the one who recorded ‘Return of the Angels’. I believe the artists you’re looking for is usually billed as Philip Chapman. You should be able to find him on Amazon and music streaming services. I hope you’re able to find the album soon. Good luck!

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