Project creep and original research

I’ve boosted my existing library of material on my This Day In Music subject by making a lot of eBay and a few Amazon purchases. I’ve also dusted off a lot of old vinyls and done some hasty transfers to iTunes, so I can listen to the band’s entire back catalogue regularly. Extensive reading of my pile of books and trawling through a couple of official and dozens of unofficial websites has taught me that most recorded information on the band only originates from a handful of sources. If someone makes a mistake it is repeated across a lot of websites, and books too sometimes. As a result I’ve found myself doing far more original research than I was expecting, rather than just compiling established facts. The whole project is now hopelessly behind schedule, with no hope of recovering lost time (there are only twenty-four hours in a day). Fortunately the deadline has been put back to June, possibly July, so there’s still hope.

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