Or is it?

I should really know better, after two years of working on the This Day In Music app. It’s now being checked over by people in the band’s organisation. Although this is a bit nerve-wracking for me, it’s a very necessary step and I was foolish to think it would be a quick process. Bearing in mind we’ve spent weeks proofreading the content (finding more things to change with each re-read), clearly it’s going to take them a while. These guys know their stuff and have access to background information I can only dream of. If they give the project the green light, at least I’ll know I must have done a reasonable job. So I’ve got everything crossed once again and have no idea when the app might be released, if at all. In addition to learning a lot more about a band I was already a fan of, this exercise has also helped me find new levels of patience and inner calm I never knew I had.

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