Musical Hiatus

I haven’t completely ignored CGTZ over the past six months. However, I have been working on a couple of other projects too:

I’ve had to resort to the boring but necessary expedient of working at my ‘day job’ to keep the wolves from the door, food on my plate and beer in my glass. Unfortunately, this is anything but ‘nine to five’ and I have little time, or energy left for creative writing at the moment.

I’ve also found musical inspiration, which has driven me to revive a dormant and, as yet, untitled project. It’s a stage musical, for which I have a half written synopsis and nine songs, in various stages of completion; these include two new numbers, which I’ve written this year.

The diversions of conventional work should reduce to a more sensible level shortly and I look forward to helping Colin Goode out of his current predicament at the end of the summer.

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