Call me a cynic but…

So, just over a month after telling us they wouldn’t be going ahead with the app they’d confirmed they wanted to be official, they’ve released their own app. You never know how much involvement band members have with this type of decision; I suspect most of the discussions and planning were done without having to bother them. The revised decision was probably presented to them as a recommendation, by people they trust. I’m sure those people acted in the band’s best interests. I just wish we hadn’t been strung along for so long in the process. OK, so we make a percentage on each app sold, as do the artists, but we know from the statistics from the other This Day In Music apps that the in-app ‘Buy’ buttons sell a fair few albums for each artist featured in an app; we don’t take a penny from those sales. If the app is official the band makes more money from it than we do; hopefully it’s worthwhile for us because the ‘official’ status sells a few more apps. Even the unofficial This Day In Music apps have sold well. I fear the delay of over two years may have killed my contribution to the app series off. The cost of redeveloping it without all the images and music clips originally provided by the band may push the costs beyond the breakeven point.

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