Lear and 200 Limericks

As an occasional performer at the excellent Buxton Word Wizards poetry slam group, I was asked if I’d like to contribute some limericks to an exhibition, set up to mark Sir Edward Lear’s bicentennial. The plan was to display two hundred original and new limericks in the beautiful dome at the University of Derby’s Buxton

Yamaha DX7s

Finding your voice(s)

My web page on replacing the battery in a Yamaha DX7s seems to have generated some interest. I’m glad I did it now, as several people have been in touch to let me know it helped them. In response to a couple of recent queries, I’ve added a page on how to restore Yamaha DX7s

Musical Hiatus

I haven’t completely ignored CGTZ over the past six months. However, I have been working on a couple of other projects too: I’ve had to resort to the boring but necessary expedient of working at my ‘day job’ to keep the wolves from the door, food on my plate and beer in my glass. Unfortunately,

Diverted by keyboards

Well, I have been working on the overall synopsis for my novel-in-progress, Colin goes to Zobeland, and this has resulted in several plot reshuffles. However, I’ve also been busy working on my much-neglected musical endeavours. While I was doing this the twenty year old original battery finally died in my Yamaha DX7s. I decided to