I write like who?

According to the I Write Like analysis of Colin Goes To Zobeland Chapter 3, Tonto’s Revelation: I write like Arthur Conan Doyle I Write Like. Analyze your writing! However, when I ran my second album review from my This Day In Music Apps project through the same analyzer I got the following result: I write

Apps and Kindle books

A big chunk of my contribution to the This Day In Music Apps range is due to be released as a Kindle book too! It looks like the ‘Song By Song’ album notes I wrote will be published before the app is released. Negotiations with the band’s management and lawyers are still on-going. I’m really

Lear and 200 Limericks

As an occasional performer at the excellent Buxton Word Wizards poetry slam group, I was asked if I’d like to contribute some limericks to an exhibition, set up to mark Sir Edward Lear’s bicentennial. The plan was to display two hundred original and new limericks in the beautiful dome at the University of Derby’s Buxton