The book’s in the shops

The Dead Straight Guide To Queen has started shipping to shops. It should be available in HMV stores in the UK straight away. I’m still waiting to hear from Red Planet Publishing regarding other outlets. I’ve received my first shipment for family and friends; all copies are already spoken for, so I’ll be placing another

A tale of two vans

It’s several weeks since the editing and proofreading process for The Dead Straight Guide To Queen ended and it went off to the printers. I’ve had a printed copy for over a week now and have leafed through it but haven’t felt ready to read it properly until now. The main reason is because, with

I write like who?

According to the I Write Like analysis of Colin Goes To Zobeland Chapter 3, Tonto’s Revelation: I write like Arthur Conan Doyle I Write Like. Analyze your writing! However, when I ran my second album review from my This Day In Music Apps project through the same analyzer I got the following result: I write